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Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee have been fighting the Obama administration’s rule on investment. criticizing the regulation through Seinfeld GIFs. “The Administration just published a rule to ‘protect.

a large number of women’s basketball players head overseas to play in the offseason (it’s where they generally make a.

This pathetic agency keeps free-falling deeper into the fetid abyss. Yep, that’s what your tax dollars are paying for; my money is her dogs are better looking than.

When you think of a strong woman, who do you think of? For us, the first person who comes to mind is probably Beyoncé. Her music is everywhere, and more importantly.

Members Money Making TAMPA — The Hillsborough County School District is neglecting its buildings, wasting money by failing to use modern technology for payroll and purchasing, and making inefficient. page document that School Board members will. Sadly, many members of Congress make a lot of money by methods that are not entirely above board ethically. There is a

President Obama gave his final State. That way, we put money back into those communities and put tens of thousands of Americans to work building a 21st century transportation system. None of this will happen overnight, and yes,

At issue, it seems, is that Prince Harry and former President Barack Obama became fast friends in October during. Trump could be the only current first family member invited and gifs galore, including one of a guy reclining while eating.

(Washington Free Beacon) Former Obama administration official Jeh Johnson said the removal of Confederate statues was a matter of “public safety and homeland.

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Bill Maher and others on the left for their blatant hypocrisy on the issue of conservative attacking women. Time for President Obama to give the money back and "lead by example."

Or maybe you’re more in a gone-with-the-wind-fabulous housewives kind of mood. Now you can upload your own face into GIFs of everyone from Nicki Minaj to Stephen Colbert. GifYourself.In is a project from Betaworks, a New York City.

Unsurprisingly, an MSNBC commentator makes the list twice with the most bizarre claims about Donald Trump’s retweet of a harmless gif, and the Nov. 2016 election. A Nobel laureate in economics essentially admits he doesn’t know much.

India has said a polite ‘no’ to the US for its proposal that only the American snipers be deployed on the rooftops of buildings overlooking Rajpath during the Republic Day parade where President Barack Obama will be the Chief Guest. With.

For more, visit TIME Health. Michelle Obama announced her “Let’s Move” campaign, an effort to fight childhood obesity by promoting healthier eating and physical.

Dec 30, 2011  · Once again, when politicians and policy makers decided to focus on deficits, not jobs, they proved Keynes right about a slump being the wrong time for.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama wished husband Barack Obama a happy 56th birthday on Friday, taking to Twitter to.

An artist has created a collection of animated goddess gifs that are equal parts powerful, mesmerizing and sexual in an attempt to inspire. Illinois artist Nina Paley’s goddesses has brought a series of fertility godesses to life for an upcoming.

The United States subprime mortgage crisis was a nationwide banking emergency, occurring between 2007-2010, which contributed to.

One behind-the-scenes TV staffer at another stadium told Sporting News that camera operators were ordered to avoid crowd shots in case they showed fans.

As soon as Donald Trump’s speech was over, the internet rushed out GIFs and memes of Michelle Obama not wanting any part of the Inauguration events. I joined in with the laughter and rejoiced over the fact that there’s nothing more real.

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Obama certainly borders on the first sports fan troll to be president. Born and raised in Mid-Southern Upstate New York, Stephen holds a master’s degree in public communications. Money well spent? I’d say so. These days he jokes about.

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Oct 15, 2008  · Obama’s Stance On Guns. CHICAGO, Oct 15, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ – The following is the text of an open letter to the nation’s.

The Internet is all about the moment George W. Bush cracked Barack Obama up during Bill Clinton’s speech at a hurricane relief concert.

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Aug 29, 2013  · BEHOLD: the best #tbt ever. Resident hip First Lady Michelle Obama.

A move by congressional Democrats to end billions in tax breaks for oil companies fell short Thursday, despite President Barack Obama’s urging. like they’re the fat cats getting all the money in this. But what they talk about taking away.

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When she asked Twitter users in an unscientific survey whether they could hear the image — which actually lacks sound, like most animated GIFs — nearly 70 percent who responded said they could. Once you “heard” it, it was hard not to.

Jan 20, 2013  · President Barack Obama has been sworn in to his second term in office. During a quiet ceremony in the Blue Room of the White House, Obama took the off.

Holy moly, we can’t believe it’s been 30 years now since people have been using the GIF (and arguing over how it’s pronounced just as long)! The "graphics interchange format" made its debut to the world by Steve Wilhite of.

which Files owns. The affidavit accuses Files of submitting fictitious bids for the city to receive $46,500 in GIF money for utility work at the city-owned River Valley Sports Complex at Chaffee Crossing. The bids were required before the grant.

Tabacco’s All-Time No. 123 Hit @Blog-City: 4,611 Hits – Humanitarian Heroes: Robert Smalls – Escaped Former Slave, Humanitarian, Hero, Congressman, & 1st.

140 Comments. Brother Nathanael July 18, 2011 @ 11:54 pm –Text– Text — Text – The Difference Between Putin & Obama By Brother Nathanael Kapner

My President Was Black. A history of the first African American White House—and of what came next

as they say, you can take the guy out of the strip show, but you can’t take the strip show out of the guy. Put the hump in your Hump Day and take a look at the 9 hottest GIFs from the sexed-up sneak peek!